Days out in Jerusalem

Zion Gate to Jaffa Gate – Outside the Walls

The short walk in Jerusalem outside the Old City walls, between Zion Gate and Jaffa Gate is well worthwhile. Although, it is not concealed  – almost every tourist in Jerusalem walks nearby – it remains one of the city’s secrets, because it is often missed in the bustle of other items on the itinerary. It is easily combined with a visit to the Old City and/or Mount Zion. It also complements the walk along the Old City Ramparts.

Exiting Zion Gate turn right and follow the path alongside the city walls. At the end of the path you will have a great view of the New City – the distinctive King David Hotel & the Windmill protruding over Yemin Moshe’s rooftops. Looking to the right you have the majestic sweep of the Old City Walls.

Go down the very steep stairs and turn right. As you walk down the hill notice how different landmarks in the Old City come into view. The park outside the Walls makes a welcome place to rest.  Follow the footpath up the hill past the entrance to the Tower of David and on to Jaffa Gate. Take a moment on the plaza to enjoy the view and then either head into the Old City or checkout the shopping in Mamilla – enjoy our Mamilla Photos.

Some of our favourite views – From Zion to Jaffa Gates Album

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