Montefiore’s Windmill & Viewpoint

The Jerusalem Windmill was built by Montefiore in the late 19th century as Jewish settlement spread outside the Old City to the new neighbourhoods of Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Shananim; basically some of the first areas outside the Old City walls. Near the windmill is a sign showing the growth of the population of Jerusalem over the last 130+ years.

The windmill was supposed to supply work, but the legend says that it was built facing the wrong direction and never caught the wind! Nearby is Montefiore’s coach which he used to travel the  Holy Land on his trips.

Walk on to the Plaza and enjoy the view of the Old City. The windmill itself is very photogenic in all light and at all angles, but the phenomenal views of the Old City and Mount Zion is one of the treasures of Jerusalem.

See Montefiore Windmill & Yemin Moshe Photos. Let your eyes follow the walls see Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David and then absorb the skyline of all the buildings and Mount Zion is just in front of you, (with David’s Tomb, grey roofed Dormition Abbey and Site of the Last Supper)

It puts the Old City close up and personal. Feel free to come back at different times of the day and many times during your visit.

If you have time wander through the passages of Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Shananim these were the first neighbourhoods to be built in the New City. They are now an artist colony and upscale residencies, but consist of a few amazingly pretty streets and adjacent park area (if you have children then this is a place to give them some downtime – see Open Spaces) whilst you enjoy the view

Most of the view is available to wheelchair access – although the neighbourhood itself is harder.

Nearby you can explore some of the views and sites along the ridge – see Don’t Miss in the New City


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