Ten Things not to Miss

Unwinding in Jerusalem

Here are some ideas for things to help you Relax in Jerusalem (in no particular order)

Have a coffee (or a meal) on Emek Refaim

Stroll down the main street,  choose your cafe and then go for a wander through some of the streets of the German Colony or Bakaa.  See Hanging Out in Emek Refaim

Jerusalem of Gold

Catch the sunset from the Israel Museum as the golden rays shine on the buildings of Rehavia turning them into pure gold.

The Parks

Choose your park, Independence, Gan Sacher, The Rose Garden (Knesset) (see  Emek HaMatzleva & Open Spaces for some more ideas) and bring along a picnic, bottle of wine or a barbecue.

The Other way to see the Tayelet

Take some time to enjoy the view. See Relaxing on the Tayelet for more details

Jerusalem Neighbourhoods

Wander through some of the classic Jerusalem neighbourhoods – Rehavia, German Colony, Shaarei Chesed, Yemin Moshe.

Deer Valley

Make you way to Zomet Pat (in the very early hours of first light) and explore the orchards – will you be lucky enough to see some of the deer?

Clore Promenade

Located in Rehavia (Saadya Gaon street) with a commanding view of the Knesset, Israel Museum and the south of Jerusalem.

For the sake of Jerusalem

Explore the long ridge behind the King David Hotel. Start at St Andrew’s Church and the lookout points of the Hinom Valley and Mount Olives, (the Begin Center), work your way up past the Windmill, Yemin Moshe, and explore the look out points by the French Consulate (along Paul Botta Street) See Montefiore’s Windmill & Viewpoint

Take the 99

This is the round Jerusalem bus tour – hop on and off and enjoy the views. See The 99 Bus

Swim for it!

Either at your hotel or see Swimming Pools for other locations.

Nahalat Shiva

Enjoy coffee or dinner at any of the numerous restaurants and cafes in this historic zone of downtown

Russian Compound

The happening bar zone in downtown

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