Israel Festival 2011 – Opening Performance

The Israel Festival 2011 officially opened on May 23rd with an exciting and eclectic performance by the Australian group Strange Fruit in Zion Square Jerusalem


The Israel Festival began in 1961 as a classical music festival in the ancient Roman theater in Caesarea. Throughout the decades, the festival grew and the number of art disciplines and activity centers have expanded. It now showcases ballet, jazz, visual arts, theater, and lectures apart from the original classical music fare. Visitors can watch a variety of programs from Israel and abroad.

Since 1982 the City of Jerusalem has adopted the festival and most of the programs are within the city boundaries. There are street performances and special performances geared for the children as well.

Since 2014, General Director Eyal Sher and Artistic Director Itzik Giuli have led an innovative contemporary  artistic vision, along with low-ticket pricing ideology, and recently an aggressive and active ecological policy.

The eclectic programming lineup of the Israel festival has attracted audiences from Jerusalem as well as other parts of Israel and even several countries. It provides a lively and dynamic hub for professional artists, students, and lovers of art and culture, enriching and enlivening Jerusalem’s cultural landscape.

Apart from awe-inspiring and memorable shows and performances, the Israel Festival also holds master classes and artist talks and discussions conducted by the participating artists. The presentation of these ground-breaking artistic discussions encourages dynamic local-global discourse among the artistic community, consumers of culture, and the general public.

The Israel Festival is also an active member of the Israel Cultural Organization forum, the Silk Road Festival Association and the European Festival Association. It is also the recipient of the EFFE Label of Excellence

Lineup of events for the 2011 Israel Festival in May:
  • Taste of Tel Aviv – In this culinary and gustatory fair, top Israeli restaurants and wineries offer their best-known and most delicious dishes and drinks at discounted prices in HaYarkon Park for Ta’am Ha’ir (“taste of the city”), a three-day event.
  • Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival – It showcases Israeli and international contemporary documentaries at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and other venues in Tel Aviv. There are cinematographer student competitions too.
  • International Spring Festival – This annual festival offers both live shows from Israel and other countries.
  • Jerusalem Season of Culture – This ambitious cultural project was an initiative of Schusterman Foundation-Israel and is patterned on other prominent international cultural events and festivals, but especially highlighting Jerusalem’s burgeoning arts scene.
  • Israel Festival – To mark the 50th anniversary of the festival’s founding, 50 outstanding performances in dance, music, and theater are presented.
  • Houses from Within – It features 51 sites around Tel Aviv, notably Haggai Yuden’s Music Studio with its 150-year-old piano, and Mosaic House, a former private home with interesting mosaics representing well-known Israeli public figures.

Check out this mesmerizing video of these ballet dancers

It was something completely different, enjoyable and they made the difficult routine look stunningly easy – wonderful cool and everything that the Israel Festival is supposed to be.

Thanks for visiting – wishing you every success in the future and good luck to the Israel Festival 2011!!

Check out Israel Festival’s website for more information and future programs.

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