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Bus Service

Buses are the chief form of public transportation in Israel. In 2017, bus passenger trips totaled about 740 million.

Israel is comprehensively serviced by bus companies and it is the main form of public transport. Recently, there have been some major improvements in the types of tickets offered & with a little bit of planning it is possible to save time and money.

There are even more sophisticated services like requesting an update on the next bus by text message & inter-company smart cards.




Nationwide Bus Planner

This National Bus Resource seems very useful although the English version is still in an early release.


Nationwide the main provider is Egged – with most of the intra and inter city routes. You can plan your journey at Egged Journey Planner

Unfortunately, it can be a bit challenging as you need a fairly good idea of how to locate your destination.

It is well worth while getting details of the various ticket formats can be found at Egged Ticket Overview

The main points are that there are multi journey cards (can be used by more than one passenger); return tickets (on some inter city routes); transfer tickets and continuing journey tickets (also allows inter-connection of urban and inter-city routes.)


Dan is the main provider in the Greater Tel Aviv area (aka Gush Dan). Dan has a fairly good site – Dan Bus Site


Superbus provides some services in specific locations mainly Bet Shemesh and part of the Modiin area. It has a Hebrew only website at  Superbus

Jerusalem Bus Resources

There are some great Jerusalem bus resources – we find this interactive Jerusalem bus map to be very useful.

This Jerusalem Bus Map is also recommended

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