Photography in Israel

Israel is an incredibly photogenic place to visit – stunning landscapes – deserts, mountains, cities ancient and modern, and the seas. Of course the people who live here are an inseparable part of the scene.

Perhaps the best tip of all for photographing in Israel is not to forget the power of the sun. Photos in mid-summer at mid-day are very flat and care is needed in illuminating subjects. It is often more flattering to take pictures of people earlier or later in the day. There is a huge amount of reflection from the stone work in places like Jerusalem and Jaffa, and of course from beaches and water and this needs to be factored in to the composition and set up.

In this section we have collected some of our favourite places where you can take memorable pictures. These are classics – not to be under-estimated but to be savoured. Of course, as in any country, many of the special photo opportunities will present themselves when you least expect it; you just need to be prepared.

Enjoy some of our favourite places and shots in our galleries – Jerusalem Photos, Tel Aviv Photos and the Galilee & Golan Photos.

Feel free to offer your own opinions and share your experiences with our readers.

Here are some of our favourite spots to take great photos of Israel

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