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Optic Saban

About Optic Saban

Optic Seban Voucher Partner
Optic Saban
is one of Jerusalem’s finest opticians run by a dynamic husband and wife team – Jeremy and Sabrina.

Optic Saban has an impressive collection of glasses and sun glasses from the leading designers. They also sell a wide range of contact lenses including the very popular Johnson & Johnson brand.

Optic Saban has the highest standard of professional care and sells the finest products. Optic Saban has a team of excellent and friendly eye care specialists and you can talk to them in French, English and Hebrew. Please follow this link to print your Optic Saban IsraelInsideOut Voucher.

Optic Saban – about the company

Optic Saban is one of the well-known boutique eyeglasses shop in Jerusalem. Founded in 2001, Optic Saban offers high-quality optometry services. Its loyal customer base ranges from customers who travel from all over Israel, international delegates, government employees, celebrities and renowned ophthalmologists.

Optic Saban offers a wide variety of both optical and sun frames, and you can find a lot of fashionable eyewear options that will suit your overall style.

Optic Saban’s highly experienced and fully licensed optometrists ensure the eye health of their clients. All eye exams at Optic Saban fully comprehensive, beginning with a holistic approach to vision screening. In addition, Optic Saban’s optometrists also offer contact lens fittings.

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Optic Saban offers optical lenses from brands such as:

  • Essilor – UK’s leading manufacturing and wholesale distributor of optical lenses. It is known the world over for the Varilux lens — the world’s first varifocal — which it introduced in 1959. About 300 million around the world are wearing or have worn Varilux lenses.
  • Johnson & Johnson – Johnson & Johnson’s is known for its breakthrough achievement in the contact lenses market — the 1-day ACUVUE, the world’s first daily disposable contact lens that have made wearing contact lenses more convenient and comfortable.
  • Nikon – Nikon continues to be a leader in ophthalmic lens technology, and has been widely considered to introduce several “firsts”, from the High-Index 1.74 material to the customized single vision lens.

Partner brands

  • Lindberg
  • Anne & Valenitin
  • Jacques Marie Mage
  • Kuboraum
  • Edwardson Eyewear

Optic Saban – IsraelInsideOut Offer

Optic Saban is a proud IsraelInsideOut Voucher Partner and on presentation of the voucher you will receive a free eye test and 300 NIS discount on glasses or optical sun glasses. Please follow this link to print your Optic Saban IsraelInsideOut Voucher

Optic Saban - Emek Refaim

Optic Saban Branches

  • Optic Saban HaPalmach 42 (Old Katamon) – 02 5618886
  • Optic Saban Ben Yehuda 7 (Downtown in the pedestrian area) – 02 6242777
  • Optic Saban Emek Refain 40 (In the German Colony) – 02 5662272

Please follow this link to print your Optic Saban IsraelInsideOut Voucher

Check out its official website:

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