Jerusalem Photos

Israel Museum Photos

The Israel Museum is one of Jerusalem’s treasures – with some stunning collections of Judaica, Biblical Archaelogy and Fine Art. There are also the equally impressive Shrine of the Book, Art Garden and Secomd Temple Model.

For more information see the Israel Museum.

Here are some Israel Museum photos:

brown egg with hebrew characters
The first chapter of B’reshit, or Genesis, written on an egg
white sculpture of a man
Nimrod (1939) by Itzhak Danziger.
hat-shaped white dome
Shrine of the Book
stone figurine of an ox
Stone Ox figurine from Tel Kabri
a gold sculpture in front of a building
Entrance to the Israel Museum
trees on a concrete ground
The Billy Rose Art Garden
brown small scale model of a walled city
Holyland Model of Jerusalem
six sarcophagi


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