Israel Festival 2012

Strange Fruit - Stars of Israel Festival 2011
The Israel Festival is now in its 51st year and runs from late May until mid June 2012 in Jerusalem.


About the Israel Festival

One of the most awaited annual festivals in the country, the Israel Festival is designed to encourage artistic meetings and experiences transcending national and political considerations, allowing collaboration between local and foreign artists. The Israel Festival seeks to promote emerging art forms.

As in previous years there is an exciting and diverse program featuring international and Israeli artists, covering a range of artistic disciplines, Jazz, classical music, multi-disciplinary and dance. Many of the shows are available free or as street theatre. The Israel Festival 2012 performances take place in a variety of venues across Jerusalem.

Israel Festival 2012 ran a three-week extravaganza of music, arts, theater, visual arts, and lectures. Top venues in Jerusalem take part in the festival which leads their stages to local and international artistic productions.

The vast and varied artistic programs include several exclusive performances from all areas of the performing arts such as dance, music, and theater, by the best and the finest Israeli and international performers.

The Israel Festival is a groundbreaking multi-disciplinary event which covers all fields of arts and culture. The festival began with classical music in 1961. It has grown to more disciplines that range from local Israeli music to contemporary dance, theater, music, and other performances at several chosen venues in Jerusalem. The Israel Festival has been considered one of the most prestigious festivals in the world for many decades.

You can check out the short history of the Israel Festival — its establishment in 1961 and its development and evolution:

While there are several shows and productions, this article only lists the free ones, such as the following (from May to June, 2012):


  • Into the Woods: A Musical
    This musical intertwines the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault fairy tale characters, who are sent on a journey into the forest. The characters join forces in order to safely make their way home. The performance is accompanied by music from Stephen Sondheim.
  • Concert Orchestra
    The Jerusalem Academy of Music symphony orchestra plays works by Liszt, Paul Ben-Haim, Borodin, and Debussy. The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance is under the musical direction of Eitan Globerson.
  • Multidisciplinary Music
    An ensemble composed of outstanding Eastern music students performs. This is followed by a late-night jam session.


  • A Night at the Museum
    A glimpse into the secret life of the renowned Greek sculpture Zeus. As the museum closes at night, he comes to life.
  • Sister Street 3
    An improvisational show which combines humor, audience participation, and an unexpected twist.

Art exhibitions

  • “Panorama of Prague” photo exhibition which features the past and present views of Prague and its rich architectural history and culture.
  • “Out of Context” – Avitar Bar-on Isakov incorporates tissue for his unique collage.
  • “Between 2011 – A Parallel Universe” – by Motke Bloom at the Theater Gallery.
  • “Memories” – The Israeli Quilters Association showcases its work.


Nightly jazz performances by American jazz and gospel singer Tekora Rogers, French gypsy band SumSum, Israeli funk band Shmemel, and Czech-born Israeli jazz saxophonist Jaroslav Jakubovic (who currently resides in the US), as well as other musicians and singers.

Israel Festival – More Information

Please see the Israel Festival Official Website for a full program and links to discounted tickets.

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