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Israeli Apples Exported to Syria

Export of Israel-Grown Apples to Syria under IDF Supervision


Beginning today, February 15th 2011, apples grown by Israeli civilians in the  Golan Heights will be exported to Syria, in accordance with the directives of the Israeli government and at the request of the International Red Cross (IRC).


The apples will be transported via the “Quneitra” crossing, normally used for the crossing of United Nations personnel, lasting several weeks. IRC representatives in Israel and Damascus will coordinate the export of the produce, in cooperation with and under supervision of UN officials and the IDF. The IDF is responsible for escorting and securing the crossing of trucks alongside the Syrian border.


30 trucks, carrying 12,000 tons of apples will cross into Syria every day over the coming weeks. 2011 marks the sixth consecutive year in which Israel-grown apples are exported to Syria.


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