Hasmonean Water Tunnel – Armon HaNatziv – Jerusalem Tayelet

The Jerusalem Tayelet is one of the must do things in Jerusalem – it is a required photo-stop for the breath taking view of the New City of Jerusalem, The Old City of JerusalemThe Mount of Olives and the Judean Desert towards the Dead Sea. See the The Jerusalem Tayelet for more information.

Very close to the Jerusalem Tayelet runs the remains if a Hasmonean Water Tunnel. This is a 400m stretch of tunnel that brought water from the Hebron Hills to the Temple. The water traveled 61Km along a tortuous route built of aqueducts and tunnels and using gravity to drive the water towards Jerusalem. The water system was still in use in the early part of the twentieth century and the Hasmonean Tunnels themselves were remodelled by the Ottomans – the remains of some of their engineering can still be seen in the tunnel.

The tunnels are fun and at the end you are rewarded with a great view of Jerusalem – similar but still very different to the view from the top of the Tayelet.

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