Getting Around Israel


The Israel Railway System is still evolving. Government has put a lot of effort in improving the railway system, and the number of passengers and routes has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. Unfortunately. the system still lags behind the other public transportation systems.

The railway is most efficient on the coastal plain and the route to Modiin and Ben Gurion Airport is very popular.

The Israel Rail airport link is comparable to other airport rail links worldwide – fairly efficient and much cheaper than a taxi, but you have to carry your bags and then complete the journey in the city by bus or taxi. If you are travelling to places served then it can be an efficient and economical way to get out of the airport and avoid the traffic.

The Israel Railway is also a useful link as far south as Beer Sheva and north to Netanya, Zikron, Haifa, Acre & Nahariya.

Plan your train journey at Railway Info

Please note that there is still extensive infrastructure work taking place on the Israel rail network, this can sometimes result in a section of the network being completely closed for several days at a go. Check the Railway Website for details.

Take The Jerusalem Railway if you have some time to spare and you want a scenic view of the mountains.

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