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Hiking In Israel – The Israel National Trail

The Israel National Trail is the main attraction for Hiking in Israel. The Israel National Trail crosses the State of Israel from North to South and stretching around 940 KM. Starting in Kibbutz Dan in the North and ending on the Taba border crossing to Egypt south of Eilat the path covers many of Israel’s unique sites. The route was designed as many of the Israeli nature treasures as possible.

The sign for the Israel National Trail is easily recognisable and is made of 3 lines:  White, Blue and Brown. Standing in front of this sign will help you in orientating as the lines are painted in offset:  The white line always shows the northbound direction (towards the white snowy top of Mount Hermon), and the brown line will point to the southbound direction (the color of the red mountains of Eilat).

Another hint: if you are well equipped and look like a real hiker, you may be able to walk along the trails in nature reserves that are operated by the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority without being charged for the regular entry fee. See this link for more details about the Israel National Trail.

Other Trails for Hiking In Israel

Israel is covered with a grid of hundreds of walking trails that are well signed with color marks (Green, blue, red and black.)

Of further interest are two additional hiking trails, one in the Golan Heights, and one circling the city of Jerusalem.

Another Israel Hiking Trail worth mentioning is the Jesus Trail in the lower Galilee covering over 65 Km many of the places Jesus lived and operated stretching from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.

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