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Extended Hours at National Parks this August

Israel National Parks in August

During the month of August over 50 Israel National Parks will have extended opening hours – most of them being open until 1900 each day (except Friday.)  The idea is to allow people to visit these national treasures at different hours of the day – specifically as the temperatures moderate towards evening.

The full list is available on the National Park Website (in Hebrew) & below in English. It includes many of IsraelInsideOut’s favorites – such as the Madrasse, Caesarea , City of DavidHof HaBonimPalmachim Beaches.


National Parks with Extended Hours

Palmachim, Achziv, Bet Shean, Caesara, Madrasse, Einot Zukim, Nimrod’s Fortress, Nebi Samuil, City of David, Bet Yanai, Almogim, Churshat Tal, Ashkelon, HaBonim Beach, Baram, Bet Alfa, Kursi, Nahal HaTaninim, Zippori, Kurzim, Carmel National Park, Eshkol Park, Good Samaritan, Yotvata Wildlife Reserve, Qumran, Beit Shearim, Belvoir, Megiddo


In addition some sites have special evening and night programs.


The Israel Parks Extended Hours program finishes at the end of August.


A great opportunity to have longer day’s out and to see these sites in the cooler evening light.




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