The Jerusalem Tayelet

The Jerusalem Tayelet is one of the absolutely must visit places in any tour off Jerusalem. (see Jonathan’s Essential Jerusalem Tour)

The Jerusalem Tayelet has some of the most impressive views of the Old City, the New City and the Mount of Olives – Mount Scopus ridge and the beginning (or is it really the end?) of the Judean desert.

Historically, it is important as well. Tradition holds that it was from here that  Abraham & Isaac started the final leg of their journey to the (almost) sacrifice. It is the former residence of the British High Commissioner and now the UN HQ. The Jerusalem Tayelet has large strategic value the ridge saw plenty of action in 1948 & 1967 wars.

From the main observation point you just stand and look out over the tremendous vista; as you pick out all the important points, Temple Mount with the golden dome, the Mount of Olives and Hebrew University behind, the Old City Ramparts, the King David Hotel, downtown Jerusalem.

Visiting the Tayelet is equally magical at first light, during the day, at last light and is a romantic place in the evening.

If you have more time to spare than just for the quick visit then it is a great place to relax – see Relaxing on the Tayelet

Getting to the Jerusalem Tayelet

It is easy to get to the Tayelet – it is served by the number 8 bus, taxis and is even walkable from some of the nearby neighborhoods.


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