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Rami’s Favorite Fine Art in Jerusalem

Jerusalem hosts all kinds of museums, among them some beautiful places to see fine art and some of Jerusalem’s art museums are located in the most exciting sites and fine architecture of old, full of character locations and buildings. See also Jerusalem’s Museums.

The richest museum in Jerusalem (and in Israel in general) is the Israel Museum located just past the city entrance  (on the hill next to the Knesset – Parliament). The museum has three main sections (and several others)  Art,  Archeology and Judaica. The museum buildings are art on their own right, even if you visited it in the past, it deserves another visit especially because it was renovated and reopened just lately. See the Israel Museum Website

A very interesting museum is the Islamic Art Museum with a superb collection of Islamic art.  Do not miss the rare watch collection in the basement. The collection is now shown in full after the full recovery of watches stolen back in the 80’s. The museum is also open on Saturdays without admission fee. See the Islamic Art Museum Website

The Bezalel Academy was the first Jewish art academy in Jerusalem and in Israel. The decision to build it was taken in the Zionist Congress in 1905 and it was permanently located in 1908 in a pair of Arab buildings that were designed to host an orphanage. It still functiosn as the foremost Israeli art academy. The modern academy has moved to a new building in the back of the yard and one of the old buildings hosts a very vibrant art gallery (as well as a nice restaurant).

Museum on the Seam defines itself as a “Socio-political-contemporary-art-museum”. It is located just on the old border line between West and East  Jerusalem (the border between Israel and Jordan in the years 1948-1967.) Its location, the beautiful house, and the fine art makes it one of the most intriguing art galleries in Israel. See the Museum on the Seam Website


Ana Ticho was one of the most famous Israeli painters, known for her delicate sketching works. She was married to Dr. Ticho the famous eye doctor in Jerusalem. They lived in one of the first houses built outside the old city walls in 1864. The house is open a few hours a day and presents the family heritage as well as works of Ana Ticho, as well as hosting a well liked café.


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