Days out in Jerusalem

Old City Ramparts Tour

One of the best things to do in Jerusalem is the Old City Ramparts’ walk – it is also a great children’s (of almost all ages) activity.

It has it all amazing views, exciting ramparts, the unusual and off beat – did you know that there is a Police stable (as in real horses!) inside the Old City? The walk can be tough in the hottest part of the day and is not advised (or basically impassable) for the infirm or for push chairs as it does require navigating some steep steps and walking on ancient walls.

You start at Jaffa Gate and there are two routes – the northern route that finishes at Lion’s Gate (1.5 hours with 2 other exits) and the southern route to the Jewish Quarter and then you can get to the Dung Gate using a combination of the roads and the ramparts (about an hour – or a bit less to Zion Gate.) 

Opening times on the Old City Ramparts are normally 0900-1600 (winter) or 1700 (summer) During July & August 2010 there is an evening option 1700-2200 on the southern route. Fridays (and day before festivals) it closes at 1400 & on Saturday and festivals you need to buy tickets in advance. See Jerusalem Old City Walls NP

It can be combined with the adjacent Tower of David Museum – but beware there is so much to do – that you might have problems managing it all in one day.

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