Days out in Jerusalem

Old City Roof Top Walk

If you are in the mood for seeing things from above; then the Jerusalem Old City Roof Top Walk is also a must. Children will love running over the Old City roof and the rest of us will be mesmerised by the unique views of the sites and buildings in the Old City of Jerusalem. Don’t forget your camera. See our Rooftop Album. In our opinion this is one of the essential places to visit in Jerusalem.

It is also fascinating to stand over the central point of the Old City where the main North South & East West roads cross over effectively dividing the the Old City of Jerusalem into the four quarters – Jewish, Christian, Muslim & Armenian. Look through the small window for a unique overhead view of the souk.
From here the areas are clearly identifiable, spires, minarets, the rebuilt Jewish Quarter and the fairly private Armenian Quarter – which is hard to see because it is higher than the viewpoint.
There are many vents from the streets below – and the experience is enhanced with the wafting spices. See if you can figure out where the meat market is located.

The roof tops are obviously exposed to the elements and get hot in the middle of the day; but this is definitely one of the places to catch the last rays of the afternoon and enjoy the nocturnal view towards the Temple Mount.

Most visitors here take a seat on the rooftop and primarily look east towards the Temple Mount & the Mount of Olives beyond. Our advice is to move around – behind the natural seating area gives you a great view of the Christian Quarter and it is worth following the walk north a few tens of meters for another view of Jerusalem.

The easiest entrance point is from the narrow metal steps on the right as you walk down Rehov Chabad just as it meets St Mark’s Street. You may have to ask for directions as it is not trivial to find, but it is worth the effort (in the Rooftop Album we have included a picture of the stairs to help you identify them.)

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