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Hanging Out in Emek Refaim

Emek Refaim is a well known street fairly close to the city centre easily accessible by public transport and a pleasant walk from the city centre hotels.


Emek Refaim is known for its cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a family friendly place for downtime. Older children can browse the shops whilst everybody will find it a great place to replenish energy, with full meals, coffee shops, pizza, felafel, vegetarian, chocolate and Oriental. A great place to sit down, eat up, watch the world go by, read the paper and catch up on the football.


For smaller children and some fresh air, there is a great little park one street in at the corner of Hidlesheimer & HaZefira. Emek Refaim is also home to the main public swimming pool located in town.· For more details please see·Swimming Pools

After dark Emek Refaim is one of the main places in Jerusalem to eat and hang out.

If you want to do some touring then wander round the streets and alleyways between Emek Refaim – Lloyd George, Wedgwood and friends. The German Templar cemetery is sometimes open on Friday morning and worth a quick visit. 

A few times a year Emek Refaim is pedestrianised for an evening and there is a “street happening” – well worth it if you are lucky enough to catch one. See our gallery of a recent event here.

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  1. There is also a open air market for clothes, farm foods, jewelry, etc. every Friday morning in the schoolyard of the Adam School, across the street from the Coffee Mill. Well worth the visit to take in a local happening and find a few bargains.

  2. Right next to the Templar’s cemetery is a cemetery that is more like a park. In addition to listening to the official tour guide tell exciting stories of those who are buried there, i.e. Charles Winters, and American who was charge with high treason by the US for smuggling b-52 bombers into Israel for the first aircraft of the IAF, but also there is a giant mural of Bible stories longer than a football field. I have been painting the mural for three years now. I invite you to come and see it. The gates are exactly by the only stoplights on Emek Rephaim.

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