Touring Jerusalem

Jerusalem has more than 3000 years of history – and is an ancient and modern capital city at the cross roads of the world.

Abraham brought Isaac to Jerusalem; when he was tested to see if he would be prepared to sacrifice his son. King David made Jerusalem his capital and ruled here for 33 of his 40 years. His son Solomon built the first Temple; which was sacked by the Babylonians, rebuilt and eventually destroyed again by the Romans. From the Romans Jerusalem passed to the Byzantines, to the Mameluks and the Ottoman Empire, to the British Mandate and eventually to be the capital of the reborn State of Israel. They have all left their mark in the archaeology of Jerusalem – their history is embedded in the layers of destruction and renewal, and they have all left their mark in the buildings, the roads, the squares and the atmosphere of Jerusalem.

Geographically and spiritually Jerusalem was the cross roads of the ancient worlds. Its story is of flourishing communities and periodic destruction by new masters followed eventually by rebuilding and a new cycle of growth and then destruction. The impact of the invaders, the locals, and its central role in three religions have all left a huge impact on this unique city.

A unique place full of charm and contrasts – come and explore the Old City with its alleys, markets, squares and holy places or the New City with its museums, modern history and vibrancy.

Yet, in Jerusalem it is still possible to experience true spirituality and peace.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they who love you will prosper. May peace be within your walls and prosperity within your palaces

Ps 122:6-7


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