Gluten Free Israel

Eyal’s Guide to Gluten Free Israel for Celiacs


After deciding where to travel and setting up the flights and hotels, my real challenge is to plan where to eat and where to shop.   As a father of a lovely girl who is celiac and so needs a gluten-free diet, I do need to plan ahead and find out where there are restaurants in which we can dine and where we can find gluten-free products to buy.

As most of the visitors to Israel you may not be a Hebrew speaker, so searching for information when planning the trip to Israel might be more challenging.  Learning from my experience, I decided to add to our site a section to help the celiac and gluten free visitor. I will describe and list the places in which you can find gluten-free menus, stores in which you can buy products, list the gluten-free products and describe how to recognize them.   I do hope that you find this information useful.

If you have any questions or want to add/comment you can either write to me at Israel Inside Out Gluten Free or go to our Israel Inside Out Gluten Free Israel Forum

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