Touring the North of Israel

The Galilee and the Golan – or simply The North of Israel extend from the coast (including Haifa, Acre & Rosh HaNikra) through the hills and valleys of he Galilee towards the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee.) From here it climbs over the Golan Heights. Just south of the Kinneret is the Bet Shean Valley.

The region is very special with views, holy cities, pilgrimage sites and vacation attractions. In general this is the greenest part of Israel; although in August it may not seem that way.

The Galilee & Golan are major internal tourist destinations, with many families making an annual trip or two for a long weekend or for a few days. There are literally hundreds of zimmers, fine restaurants and get away from it all and have fun options. With a few notable exceptions, however, it is a region that is less well frequented by the foreign tourist.

Jump behind the wheel of your hire car and come and see what everybody has been missing.

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