South of Tel Aviv

Water Parks – South of Tel Aviv

Water parks are an extremely popular way of spending a hot summer’s day. Here are some water parks –  South of Tel Aviv

Ashkeluna Water Park

Opening hours: Sun-Fri 09:00-16:00
Dlilla Beach Ashkelon
Tel: 08 673 9971 or 08 673 9992
Cost 60 Shekels (age 3+)
There are several attractions at Ashkeluna park: Kamikaze rides, Slalom rides and Rappeling. For smaller children there is also a “Kids World” for toddlers with five mini slides and a small pool for children under age 8.

Beit Halomotay – Dreamland Water Park

Givat Brenner (Rehovot Area)
Cost: 68 Shekels for Child, 39 Shekels for adult
Tel: 08 9443331
Bet Halomotay is not just a water park for children but also a fun amusement park with a variety of attractions and activities for the whole family.Bet Halomotay is is full of creativity, surprises and play that challenge the imagination, including a special train to allow children to explore.
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