Eilat Shopping Malls

Eilat is a small city that is a large tourist paradise. For many years it has enjoyed a tax free status (no VAT) even for Israelis. For both these reasons it has some excellent shopping, both up market and standard. Here is our guide to Eilat Shopping.

Big Eilat Mall

Arava Road on the entrance to Eilat and the western side of the airport.

Tel: 08 6338091

One floor with approximately 35 stores.

Big Eilat Mall Opening Hours

Sunday-Thursday 09:00 – 21:00
Friday: 09:00 – 15:00
Saturday night: From End Shabbat – 22:00

1 floor with approximately 35 stores and businesses

The Big Eilat shopping center is an open mall. It is a key hub for shopping, entertainment and leisure.

See Big Eilat (Hebrew) Website


Mull HaYam Mall

Located on the North Shore of Eilat, not too far (and immediately opposite the end of) the airport runway.

Tel 08 634 0006

3 floors with approximately 120 shops and businesses.

Mull HaYam Mall Opening Hours

Sunday-Thursday 09:30 – 24:00

Friday: 09:00 – 17:30

Saturday : 11:00 – 24:00

Eilat’s biggest shopping center, with many shops, many of them are at the trendy fashion section of the market but there are also other genres including bookstores and gift and toy shops.

There are also some entertainment facilities with food and a multi-screen cinema.

There is a parking fee unless you are a citizen of Eilat, however, it is easy walking distance or a short taxi ride from most of the hotels.

See Mull HaYam Mall (Hebrew only) Website

Queen of Sheba Mall

Paamei Hashalom Street 19, located on Hilton Promenade near the bridge.

Tel: 08-6330811

Mall facilities include free parking and ATM services.

Queen of Sheba Mall Opening Hours

Throughout the week 10:00 until midnight

1 floor with approximately about 30 stores of worldwide leading brands in fashion, footwear, gifts, grooming and more. Among the brands: Golf, Body Shop, Castro, Emmanuel and Nike.

The mall has many shops with a good cross section of leading global and Israeli apparel brands. As is the case with most malls in Israel and worldwide the Queen of Sheba has ample food and refreshment options. There are also some non clothing related stores.

See also Queen of Sheba Mall (Hebrew/Russian) Website

Eilat Tayelet

The Eilat Tayelet (boardwalk) is a great place to wander and enjoy the atmosphere or step off it onto the beach and into the sea.

It is also of interest to the shopper as it connects the two malls Mull HaYam with The Queen of Sheba. For most of the day and all of the night it functions as an open air market catering to the visitors. It has lots of low price souvenirs and accessories, beach stuff and jewelry etc. There are also several refreshment options and the entrances to some of the hotel pools and facilities.


Downtown Eilat – Near the Bus Station

The main street of interest to tourists in downtown Eilat is Sderot HaTmarim – there is the central bus station and a few small malls and shops with a variety of merchandise.

Eilat Supermarkets

If you are looking to stop up on the basics then there are a few convenience stores scattered amongst the hotel area. For a larger stock up then the Big Mall has a supermarket (taxi or car required.) There is also a reasonable supermarket in the small mall near the main bus station. (You can walk to/from your hotel, but you may prefer a taxi back if you have a lot to carry.)

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