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Saslove Winery Visitor Center – A Boutique Israeli Winery

Saslove Winery – A Boutique Israeli Winery

saslove winery barrels (kibbutz eyal isreal)
There are dozens of Israeli boutique wineries, one of the first Israeli boutique wineries is the Saslove Winery.


The Saslove Winery was founded by Barry Saslove back in 1998 and since then became one of the leading boutique wineries in Israel.  


kadita organic vineyard - Saslove Winery Galilee
The Saslove Winery vineyards are located on the Galilee Mountains. The vineyards are organic, the grapes are harvested by hand and the Galilean climate is ideal for growing wine grapes.


The Saslove Winery and Visitor Center are on Kibbutz Eyal. A short drive from Tel-Aviv (35 minutes) and you are enter a different world, from the big city to the pastoral setting of the Kibbutz.   The winery is located at the heart of the kibbutz (near the cowshed).   The winery stores the barrels whilst the wine is ages.


At the entrance to the Saslove Winery there is a display of art works of local artists from the Kibbutz.   The highlight of the visit is of course tasting the wines.   The “La Revue du Vin” a leading French wine magazine chose the winery as one of the top 100 wineries around the Mediterranean Sea. It includes wineries from France, Spain and Italy and as such it is a token of the excellence of the Saslove Winery.


Wine making is of course an ancient industry in Israel and over recent years it has enjoyed a strong revival, both from well established companies and from an ever increasing number of specialized Israeli Boutique Wineries. See this recent In Israel Blog – An Insider’s Israel Blog – April 28 about a prestigious prize. The achievements of the Saslove Winery should help to drive the Israel Boutique Wineries to increased international recognition and quality wine.


Saslove Winery Visiting Hours

Friday 10:00-14:00
Saturday 11:00-16:00
Weekdays 9:00-14:00
Tel. 09-7492697

How to get to Saslove Winery

Traveling to the Winery is simple. You need to get to Road 6, the main road from the south to the north of Israel. From Tel-Aviv you follow either Road 1 or Road 5 to the east until the junction with Road 6. On Road 6 you need to travel to the Eyal Interchange and there travel to the east on Road 531. On the first light take a left and then the first right to Kibbutz Eyal. After entering the kibbutz drive until the road ends, take a right and you will see the winery on your left.


Things to visit near the Saslove Winery

The winery is in the Kibbutz Eyal. While visiting the winery you can take a walk around the paths of the Kibbutz. Just across from the winery there is the cowshed, if you are lucky you can also watch the calves. In the Kibbutz there is a swimming pool you can enjoy in the summer time and also Limpopo, a playground for kids with attractions and animals.


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