Sharon Area

Dora Pond Netanya

Dora Pond is an example of Winter Ponds – special nature habitats that are unique to the climate in Israel. These small water bodies are filled in the winter and completely dried out in the heavy summer. The water organisms living in this habitat have adjusted to survive in the long hot and dry summer.

Dora Pond is one of the few ponds that survived the accelerated urbanization of the Israeli coastal line and is located in the southern part of Netanya. Like its neighbor in Herzliya, Dora Pond is well preserved thanks to environmental activists who have caused the municipalities to maintain a public park for the local population. Places such as Dora Pond preserve birds and plants as well as the pond water habitat.

Getting to Dora Pond

Drive on route #2 (Coast Freeway) from Tel Aviv northbound.
At Poleg junction (with road #553), turn left (to the west) and then drive about 2 km until you see the park on your right.

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