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Assif Chef’s Bistro Tel Aviv

Chef Einat at Work in Assif
Assif” (Harvest in Hebrew) is a Chef’s Bistro located in the outskirts of the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. The kitchen is led by Chef Einav Berman, one of Israel’s most acclaimed female chefs.assif iio


Assif offers a seasonal local menu with colorful Mediterranean flavors. The menu is based on fresh ingredients, representing the best local products one can find in the city markets. Dishes are characterized by a finesse and special touch that let the basic original flavors of the dish to stand out.

Assif offers a diverse dining experience. Assif’s guests can either step into a local culinary dream by ordering from Assif’s traditional menu or  they can select from Assif’s small dish list, that offers 12-15 small daily dishes. The daily dishes do change based on what’s best available on the market each day. (18-25 NIS per dish).


Assif Tel Aviv
Assif’s small dish list is a perfect way to taste the range of flavors that Assif has to offer, it is perfectly ok and actually we encourage our guests to “clean” the sauce that remains off those lovely dishes with Assif’s local home baked bread (3 kinds). We recommend the small dishes with a cold beer or with one of Assif’s small aperitifs such as Anis with Dates, Anis with Gat (Yemenite herb) Anis with Cardamom Vodka with Chilly or Vodka with Lemon Grass.


The restaurant is located in a small yet comfortable space with high ceilings, a small bar and a dining area outside overlooking one of the very first houses of Tel-Aviv. The open kitchen is in constant dialogue with the dining area, spreading the aroma of the fresh food as it is cooking.


Assif’s kitchen creates a great atmosphere of incredible food at a reasonable price.    


Assif Opening Hours

Assif is open Mon – Thurs from 6pm and on Fri & Sat from 10:00am when its famous brunch menu is served.

We are located on 18 Lilinblum St. Tel-Aviv

Reservations recommended: 03 5165198, 0544232764


Assif IsraelInsideOut Offer

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