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A Cottage by the Steam – Country Lodging in Kiryat Shemoma

A Cottage by the Stream – Vacations are our Second Nature

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Cottage by the Stream - Main Room
A Cottage by the Stream – Country Lodging
is situated in a special nature spot on the banks of the Ein Zahav (Golden Spring) Stream (the source of the popular Neviot Mineral Water).

The apartment is spaciously, homely and situated in an ideal location close to tourist attractions and shopping centers. The Cottage by the Stream is ideal for families and for religiously observant with several synagogues nearby.

We will be happy to assist you with recommendations and our personal favorites, for things to see and all the best local restaurants. We want to help you get the most from your vacation with us.

 A Cottage by the Steam - Pomegranates

 The Cottage by the Steam – Facilities

The Cottage by the Steam is a vacation apartment with two fully equipped bedrooms, double toilet and bathroom with Jacuzzi bathtub, kitchen, dining area and a balcony overlooking the hills of Naftali.

The Cottage is suitable for up to 8 persons as a single family or two couples with 4 children.

The Kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge, a hob, a microwave, and a set of (fully Kosher) milk dishes. There is also ample provision of cookies, coffee, chocolate and milk, etc.

The Living Room has TV, Internet, and reading material for both adults and children.

The Bathroom has a Jacuzzi and unlimited supply of hot water.

The bedrooms are each equipped with a separate air-conditioning unit for maximum personal comfort

The yard is a green paradise on the banks of the stream with fruit trees, huge eucalyptus trees (several of them are decades old), a special corner to hang out and relax and of course a (fully kosher) barbecue range.

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What’s Near to the Cottage by the Steam?

There are many nature reserves, resorts and attractions, shopping centers and synagogues in the area.

Nature Reserves

Tel Dan, The BaniasThe Tanur (Stove) Waterfall, The Chatzbani, The Hula Lake Bird Sanctuary and many many more…

Resorts and Attractions

Chorshat Tal, The Canada Center (sports and ice rink), Manara Cliff, Rafting on the Jordan


Mun Sari (dairy, strictly kosher), Esh Besh (meat), Dag (Fish) on the Dan and many more.
Shopping centers

There are several shopping malls located within easy reach such as ONE, Nehemia Mall, and several supermarkets.


There is a wide choice with 4 synagogues in the immediate vicinty and several synagogues within 5-10 minute walk (Sfard, Moroccan, Ashkenaz, Breslav, Yemeni, Indian, etc.)

Discount for Israel Inside Out Readers

A Cottage by the Stream – Country Lodging offers Israel Inside Out readers discounted accommodation

Please click here to print out your Voucher for A Cottage by the Steam – Country Lodging in Kiryat Shemoma.

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