Near Jerusalem


Sataf is located on one of the hills just beyond Hadassah Hospital and Ein Kerem village. It is one of the places that Jerusalemites go just to enjoy the view and to chill out. At the top of the hill there is small coffee shop, or bring a snack and sit on the wall and enjoy the view.


Sataf is also one of the places that Jerusalemites go to do sport. From the main car park, you can walk or ride up the hill (Har Eitan) or choose the round Har Eitan path – 8Km of challenging inclines to run, walk or ride. In one local cycle guide it is described as easy but this is misleading unless you are very fit (although it is an easy ride technically.) The views make it all worthwhile. In my opinion it is easier in the clockwise direction – start from the cafe. See Bike Rental In Jerusalem

The main parts of Sataf are not designed for wheelchair access, but the view from the top car park (and from the nearby coffee shop) is accessible and is worthwhile.


The other attraction at Sataf is the ancient village & two springs. The village dates back 6000 years and the agricultural terraces and irrigation around 4500 years. It is possible to bathe in some of the pools and bring a torch/flash light to check out the springs.

It is a great place for children – it is a popular location with school groups. The route itself begins and ends at the car park (you can drive down some of the first part) and is around 2Km and allow 2-3 hours in total. It is a fun walk, on the whole very easy but some very steep bits in places.

For those who enjoy challenging clambers then there is a route that goes from the ancient village all the way down into the valley – you either need to drop a second car in the valley (on the Nes Harim road – see the item below) or have at least one volunteer that likes climbing back up as well.

Getting There from Jerusalem

Climb the hill on the 395 (get there via 396 from Hadassah Hospital or 386 through Ein Kerem village) & follow the signs at the roundabout. You can also get there from the main Tel Aviv Jerusalem road (leave at the Mevasseret junction) and follow the 3695.

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