Ein Kerem Village

Ein Kerem (or Ein Karem) village is a few minutes from Jerusalem; down the hill from Hadassah Hospital and Yad VaShem. Ein Karem is a beautiful village (almost European) full of old houses and churches. It is significant in Christian tradition as the birth place of John and the site (at the well) where Mary & Elizabeth met.

Today Ein Karem has a countrified pretty village feel that attracts visitors of all denominations and is very photogenic (see Ein Kerem Album.) Sometimes it is hard to believe that Ein Kerem is just a short journey from the hustle of Jerusalem – it is a charming, quaint sort of place.

Ein Karem is a perfect place to wander, visit Mary’s Well, enjoy the views and have a coffee or a full meal at any of the village’s numerous cafes and restaurants (kosher and non-kosher.)

Ein Kerem is wheelchair accessible in the same way any village is – some of the streets are on the steep side.

Getting To Ein Karem

It is easy enough to get to Ein Kerem – by car either from behind Yad Vashem or the longer route via Hadassah Hospital. It is also a fairly short taxi ride and you can also take the 17 or 17a buses.

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