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Ein Hemed National Park

About Ein Hemed

Ein Hemed (or in Latin Aqua Bella – beautiful water) is located just outside Jerusalem in near the villages of Bet Nekofa & Abu Gosh.

Ein Hemed is one of the numerous springs that are dotted around the Jerusalem Hills and is located on the Kisalon Stream.

As long ago as 850 years ago it was a Crusader way station on serving the traffic towards Jerusalem and there is still a large ruined Crusader farm house with the park complete with olive press.

Although there is no longer a lot of water in the spring or stream (presumably due to human activity as well as poor rainfall in recent years) Ein Hemed is a lovely pastoral spot of green. There are a few children’s tools, plenty of places to wander amongst the trees and water spring system, kick a ball and run around. Of course, Ein Hemed is also a popular place for a barbeque (mangal). There are seasonal flowers and some tours are available on reservation.

Many parts of the park have wheelchair access. Children will be happy with the playground, areas to run around and explore amongst the trees, bridges and the crusader building.

Ein Hemed is also a popular location for events such as weddings (in the midst of nature), outdoor concerts and during the holiday seasons there is often a “happening” featuring arts and craft activities, jugglers and clowns and so on. The tall trees over the stream make for an impressive back-drop for the acrobats.

Ein Hemed is a convenient stop (just like in Crusader times) on the way to or from Jerusalem; it is an ideal place for a few hours of relaxation and is worth a special trip.

Getting to Ein Hemed

Ein Hemed is located next to the main Jerusalem Tel Aviv Route 1 Highway. Exit at Hemed Interchange and follow the signs (from Jerusalem you need to cross the bridge.)

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