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Cycling in the Jerusalem Hills

An Introduction to Cycling in the Jerusalem Hills

The Jerusalem Hills are a paradise for mountain bike lovers (and also for road bike lovers.) There are many fine and challenging routes available. Many choose to start near the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo towards Ein Lavan (the White Spring). It is possible to start on this trail and cycle your way to the sea entirely off road – a total of around 120Km – you will arrive at the Tel Aviv Port.

Jerusalem Hills Recommended Cycling Route

One of our favourite Jerusalem Hills cycling routes starts on Road 386 (where the railway lines cross the road) and follows the river bed and railway lines for about 6Km (roughly south east.) The riding is not technically difficult, but, it is a very beautiful route. It is then possible to choose a variety of options – continuing along the river bed towards Jerusalem or one of several more challenging climbs. The last time that we visited we choose the climb towards Yad Kennedy. This is not a technical climb, but it is very steep and very long. The views along the way and at the top make it worthwhile.  There is also something very rewarding about this route as the tough climbs are in the first half of the route making the return leg a real pleasure.

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Getting To The Start -Jerusalem Hills Cycling

Route 386 – where the railway crosses the road. Pull of the road and park.

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