Shopping in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Shopping

There are several major areas to go shopping in Jerusalem – from the local and bespoke to the mega shopping center.

 Old City

There are many craft, books and souvenir shops in the Old City. Definitely a place to pick up a memento. Check out the Cardo and some of the shops in the Jewish Quarter.

The main souk leading from Jaffa Gate is also a must visit. Some of the stock is from the amazing to the bizarre and politics are generally left outside (try and spot the pro and anti Israel T-shirts hanging next to each other!) You should be bargaining here. See more pictures of the souk here.

Mea Shearim

The place for all things in Judaica, and lots of local atmosphere as well.  Please note that there are other places in Jerusalem for Judaica – in the Old City, New City and in many neighbourhood shops.There are also many shops serving European Kosher food in the very traditional style (often there is a men’s side and a women’s side to these shops.) As a general note – please be modestly dressed when visiting Mea Shearim; and if you are buying any of the written religious items (mezuzot, tefilin etc) then you should arrange to have them checked by an independent scribe to ensure that they really are what they say they are.

Mahane Yehuda

The main produce market of Jerusalem; now complete with cafes and WiFi.


The newest and trendiest shopping area in Jerusalem. Located just outside of the Jaffa Gate. It seems to be full of people at almost any hour of the day. Many high class and foreign brand name stores are located in Mamilla, but there are also some regular Israeli brands and many cafes and restaurants. There are  often events staged here, and there are street artists and many pieces of art on display. This is a place that has that “something” that even makes it fun for non shoppers! See more pictures of Mamilla here. See also Jerusalem Shopping Centers for more information.


One of the main Jerusalem shopping areas for locals,  specialising in many of the big household items (furniture, DIY, electricity etc), but there are two reasonable shopping malls – Kanyon Achim Yisrael on Yad Harutzim street, and Kanyon Hadar one street away on Pierre Koening street (0930-2130 Su – Thu, 0900-1500 Fri) Easily accessible by both bus and taxi. See also Jerusalem Shopping Centers for more information.


The main Jerusalem shopping center with all the Israeli brand names around 250 businesses in total. Easily accessible by both bus (4,5,6,12,17,18,24,31,33) and taxi. (0930-2200 Su – Thu, 0900-1500 Fri, 1hr after Shabbat – 2300 Sat) See also Jerusalem Shopping Centers for more information.

Emek Refaim

On of the leisure places in Jerusalem, complete with many shops. See Hanging Out in Emek Refaim

Several of these locations (Mahane Yehuda, Mea Shearim, Souk) make great photo locations; in Mea Shearim the locals really don’t like to be photographed and they can be very forceful in their opposition so use sensitivity and discretion.

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