Winter in Jerusalem 2012

After several years with relatively poor winters, the winter of 2011 & 2012 has been a real winter. There has been lots of rain over much of Israel and considerable snow over the Hermon.

Jerusalem has been no exception with impressive rainfall, one false alarm predicting snow, and one very mild snowfall. The winter is not yet over, and we hope for another few cold wet and perhaps even snowy days before spring and summer arrive.


Here are some photos that capture the spirit of Winter in Jerusalem.


See also Snow in the Galilee & Golan & for some images of spring see Anemones in Emek HaMatzleva (Valley of the Cross) – Spring 2012.


One thought on “Winter in Jerusalem 2012

  1. joseph de la huerta

    Now already… wishes & congratulations for Passover, JAG PESAJ SAMEAJ!
    Well, I like these pictures shown above but I’d prefer and enjoy even more some ones from Mount Herzl,
    Jaffa Road & Safra Square & The Tower of David’s Museum! I still remember with love my unforgetable visit to Yerushalayim & Eretz Israel! I long to go back again. Many thanks. Shalom, Joseph A. De la Huerta.


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