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Israel Museum Kite Day 2011

Every August the Israel Museum holds a Kite Day where everybody is invited to come and fly their kites.  The Israel Museumis built on the side and top of a hill in the Givat Ram (literally High Hill) area of Jerusalem which means that there is often reasonable wind. The Kite Day event is always very popular – there are kite making workshops to allow the children to make their own kites. There are commercial kites on sale and you are of course welcome to bring your own kite along.

There are light refreshments available and live music to add to the general atmosphere.

Although there are thousands of kites in the air (and trying to get into the air) it is relatively rare to see serious entanglements that can’t be quickly resolved with a smile.

Enjoy our photos of the Israel Museum 2011 Kite Day and check out other Summer Events in Jerusalem

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