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Anemones in Emek HaMatzleva (Valley of the Cross) – Spring 2012

One of the first signs of spring in Israel is always the abundance of naturally flowering Anemones all over the country. Often this is a false start to spring with many days of winter still ahead (like in early 2012).

Israelis get very excited about the Anemones (or Calaniot in Hebrew) and travel for miles to catch a glimpse of these beautiful and compelling wild flowers.

One of the best spots in Jerusalem (and perhaps in Israel) is Emek HaMatzleva – Valley of the Cross near Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood and the Israel Museum and the Knesset.

Here are some Anemones in Jerusalem images for 2012.

You can see last year’s anemones at Jerusalem Anemones 2011, view Spring in Mt Tavor (Tabor)

For photos of winter – please see Winter in Jerusalem 2012 & Snow in the Galilee & Golan

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