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Dead Sea Scrolls On Line

Dead Sea Scrolls Now Available On Line

The Israel Museum and Google have just launched the Dead Sea Scrolls On Line. Five of the most complete Dead Sea Scrolls can now be browsed on line. It is mind-boggling to think that these scrolls were written by ancient scribes, preserved in caves and are now living on the leading edge of 21st century technology.

The Dead Sea Scrolls On Line Project used special equipment to photograph the scrolls without causing damage. The scrolls can be browsed in fast loading high resolution images. You can access the Dead Sea Scrolls by chapter and verse and view the scroll together with an English translation. There is also an explanation about the digitising project and about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the issues involved with each of the scrolls.

Even for the non scholar it is fascinating to be able to look at the Dead Sea Scrolls from the comfort of your own PC. The Great Isaiah Scroll is one of the original findings from 1947 and is almost complete. It is exciting to be able to read the words of the prophet on such an ancient text.

Accessing the Dead Sea Scrolls On Line

Local press reports indicate that over 1M hits to the Dead Sea Scrolls On Line were recorded in the first week. Looking at the list of press reports from global news sources it is easy to see why. On line visitors have come from many different countries.

To access please see The Dead Sea Scrolls On Line

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