Winter is Back

Mt Hermon Snowman Golan IsraelAs expected, winter has returned to Israel this week. There has been heavy rain in many parts of the country – in  Tel Aviv several traffic lights failed causing major traffic snarl ups. Traffic was apparently so bad that the new toll lane on Route 1 reached an all time high (the toll changes by demand) & then the lane itself was shut. Elsewhere there is heavy snow on the Hermon and northern Golan and it is pretty windy.The heavy rain is expected to improve the still perilous situation of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee.)


Winter is expected to continue until the weekend. There is a very slight chance of snow reaching Jerusalem tonight, but, even if it does it is not expected to stick. Unfortunately, thousands of Jerusalem children have gone to bed tonight hoping for a miracle! (Generally, even a slight snow fall in Jerusalem will cancel school.) If it is any consolation the new (temporary) Jerusalem Ice Rink opens tomorrow in Safra Square by the town hall.

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