Ready to Run Israel?

This isn’t a call for a new political party in Israel – but, to note that we are about to hit the highlight of the running season with two marathons in the space of two weeks. The Jerusalem Marathon on 25 March and then the Tel Aviv Marathon on 8 April. Both of these events also have half marathons and shorter runs.


Jerusalem Marathon Billboard



There are many races in Israel over the season and even the Sea of Galilee Marathon, but, these two events so close together with be a great way to sign off before the summer heat. This is billed as the first Jerusalem Marathon – it has a great route in terms of taking in the major sites of the city. The elevation graph reminds us all how hilly Jerusalem really is – ifor the brave!


As a warm up this Friday the First Begin Heritage Run (after Menahem Begin – Prime Minister of Israel) will take place. It starts from the Begin Center near the Monetfiore Windmill and runs past many of the places that featured in Begin’s career. It also promises interesting sites, and some challenging hills although it is a shorter race. I plan to take part in the Begin and in one of the shorter routes of the Jerusalem Marathon.

Run Israel Run!

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