Presidential Sukka 2011

There is a long standing tradition of the President of Israel opening their Sukka to the public – as President Peres explained – “the Sukka of the President is the Sukka of the People.” The source is possibly from the Scriptures themselves.

This year’s Presidential Sukka included displays of science & technology, environmental awareness and the achievements of Israel’s satellite program of her agriculture. There was also an opportunity to visit the main lobby and receiving room of the Presidential Residence.


President Peres welcomed all his guests especially the “cherries on the cake of Israel – the children.” He told the audience that it was an exciting day for him. He devoted much of his speech to discussing Israel’s scientific and agricultural achievements, however, the main part of the speech was dedicated to Gilad Shalit and his imminent return. At Sukkot we traditional welcome guests into the Sukka – President Peres looked forward to welcoming Gilad (who is now home!) He noted that Israel’s existence was dependent on its soldiers. He reached out to the families of the terror victims who are suffering at the moment.


The event continued with entertainment – including a special needs drum troupe, traditional Druze dancing and many vocal and dance performances.


Chag Sameach (Have a Good Festival) Mr President & Thank You for opening your home to us all.


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