Major Fire in the Jerusalem Forest – July 17

Jerusalem Fire Update – The early evening news programs report that the fire now seems under control due to coordinated work of the ground and air fire units. The cause of the fire is now under investigation, but we assume that the recent hot and dry spell only added to the ease that the fire spread. We hope that the evacuated areas will soon be safe. The smell and smoke from the fire was all pervading and clearly visible and could be smelled several kilometers away in the city center.



Israel Inside Out is sad to report that there is currently a major fire raging in the Jerusalem Forest. The fire is very close to some major Jerusalem neighborhoods. Local news services are reporting that Yad VShem Holocaust Museum has been evacuated as has the private home of the Speaker of the Knesset. It is also reported that airborne fire crews are in action over the fire.   We hope that the brave fire crew manage to quickly gain control and extinguish these fires in the Jerusalem Hills. We wish them well and every success – be safe!


We will post updates and hope to be bring you good news very soon.

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