Jerusalem Old City Food Festival 2011

Jerusalem 2011 Food Festival in the Old City


The Jerusalem Old City Food Festival is being held this week, from March 27th to the 31st, and the Old City of Jerusalem will be filled with flavors and aroma of special dishes. For four nights, special dishes from the four different quarters of the Old City (Moslem, Jewish, Christian and Armenian), are being served.  It is another Old City night activity following on from the very successful Jerusalem Knights of a few months ago.

The Jerusalem Old City Food Festival looks like being just as successful.  The idea is to embrace the culinary art and the smells and sights of the four cultures that live in the four quarters of the Old City. In each quarter you will find its traditional dishes and culinary culture.




Jerusalem Food Festival - Music!

There are many different activities taking place as part of the Jerusalem Old City Food Festival –  guided tours, featured restaurants, self guiding routes, wine tasting, pottery demonstrations, photo exhibits, open air chef master classes, food stalls and lots of music. The Cardo has been brought to life by a team from Ein Yael Open Air Museum with Roman soldiers, revolution, (a Hebrew version of some classic Monty Python) wool spinning, weaving and basket making.


There are activities at Damascus Gate, the Armenian Courtyard, The Main Square of the Jewish Quarter (by the Hurva) and just outside Jaffa Gate (the latter two are the most active.) In addition it is possible to see some of the areas of the Armenian Quarter that normally have restricted opening hours and there is a Jazz area outside the Old City Ramparts near Jaffa Gate.


Jerusalem Old City Food Festival Details

The Jerusalem Old City Food Festival runs this week through to Thursday evening from 1800-2300. Sign up for some of the paid activities and featured restaurants is at Jaffa Gate, and there are information stalls all over the Old City. You can just stroll, enjoy the atmosphere and activities and pick up something to eat along the way. Arrive by public transport or park at Mamilla – just by Jaffa Gate.

Jerusalem Food Festival - Main Info Stand Jaffa Gate


There are more photos available at Jerusalem Old City Food Festival Photo Album.

B’Teyavon – Bon Appétit!

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