Jerusalem Gazelles – A Sign of Spring

Seasoned visitors and Jerusalemites will have heard of Gazelle Valley – an open area of natural habitat in urban Jerusalem. Gazelle Valley is precisely defined as it is bordered by the neighborhood of Givat Mordechai, the Begin Highway & Herzog (another major road.) The problem is that almost nobody has actually seen a Gazelle here – urban legends abound and occasionally one meets somebody who claims to have seen the Gazelles – but for the most part – they are just an urban legend. I have explored the area several times and never met one of the gazelles. Today that changed….

I am now one of the special ones – I saw four gazelles and spring is definitely here – they were locking horns and charging.

It was amazing to watch! It was definitely more interesting than the normal view from the bus stop. Of course, I hardly ever leave home without a camera – but today was one of those days – so like most of the best memories it is just in my memory and not on my hard disk. I will return and try my luck (or is that look) again – watch this space!

Gazelle Valley is highly recommended (when you see the gazelles.) Easiest point of access is from Pat Junction Jerusalem.

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