Iris Nazareth – A Famous Israeli Flower

One of the most beautiful flowers in Israel is the Iris Bismarckiana, known locally as the Iris Nazareth because it grows mainly on the mountains east of Nazareth.
Iris Nazareth


Its splendor and beauty are the reasons that “The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel” choose the Iris Nazareth as its logo. These pictures were taken on the hill just behind the cemetery of Nazareth Ilit, the Jewish town adjacent to the historical Nazareth.


The Iris Nazareth can be found in the short period around the last two weeks of March and the beginning of April.


One thought on “Iris Nazareth – A Famous Israeli Flower

  1. Pamela Austin

    I have never heard of this flower untill this morning my when i had a dream about my pastor and his wife and the name came up in the dream was iris of Israeli . My pastor follows a lot Jewish customs. Stands firm on the star of David. I have found that everything they they do is follow up with bible scripture. Some customs I am still reluctantly to do, but i do know that sense I have been in this ministry God has been blessing me and cleansing me.

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