In Israel Blog – Spring Migration

Israel is on the main migration route for birds travelling from the Europe to Africa in the fall and back to Europe in the spring.

As spring is coming we are starting to see the flocks of birds hovering in the skies of Israel.  Each season there are around half a billion birds making the long journey.

At this time of year we can watch the storks wandering around the fields of Israel.   The storks fly in large flocks which can be as many as a few thousands of birds.

The sight of the flocks hovering around in circles while climbing up on thermals, is magnificent.  There are several sites in which one can watch the flocks as they gather for night shelters.  One of the main sites is Hula Lake reserve in the Galilee in the north of Israel. There is also an international  bird reserve near  Eilat in the South of Israel.

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