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Shalom and Welcome to this week’s In Israel Blog

August is over, the temperatures have dropped a bit (it has even been raining on and off for the last few days) and the schools are back in action. At IsraelInsideOut we also took the opportunity over the summer to get out and visit different places and events. On a hot day you can’t beat the relaxing on the beach – playing matkot (a sort of beach tennis), football and then cooling off in the waves. Our personal favorites are Hof HaBonim Beach (near Zichron Yaakov & Haifa) Palmachim Beach (near Tel Aviv & Rishon Le Zion) and Netanya Beach also gets an honorable mention. As the sun heads towards the horizon, enjoy the last golden rays and then break out the barbecue.Fishing at Sunset - Hof HaBonim


So for a quick roundup of some of the summer events – one of the most popular was the Hutzot HaYotzer – one of our regular readers wrote a personal blog – see Hutzot Hayotzer – Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair Review.


We always welcome your personal reviews and recommendations on our Israel Inside Out Forum – the Israel Inside Out Forum is a great place to swap stories and feedback.



Israel Museum Jerusalem Kite Day 2011
Another great event was the annual Israel Museum Kite Festival – for one afternoon each August the extensive Israel Museum grounds are filled with music and kids of all ages trying to fly kites. This year was fun as always, there were kite making workshops and actually a fair amount of wind making it a successful event.


The summer has also been a busy time in Israel generally. As reported in recent In Israel Blogs there has been a series of good natured popular protests attracting many many people – at the core is a new and engaging public discussion about Israeli society. If you have never been to an Israeli demo then it is an experience almost a tourist attraction in itself – it involves a reasonable amount of food, lots of socializing and meeting up with friends, the odd speech and an extraordinary amount of live music – pretty much the best free show in town.


As soon as the summer disappears the Chagim (High Holidays are almost here.) We have started working on our list of Succot Events in Israel 2011– check back over the next few weeks as we will be updating frequently.


Also over the summer some impressive archaeological findings have also been announced – including finding the actual foundations of the Western Wall – Kotel.


IsraelInsideOut has added some new features over the past few weeks. We now have our own IsraelInsideOut Store where you can buy Israeli gifts and products. So far our collection includes Hebrew and English name necklaces, the popular Yair Emanuel collection and the beautiful and unique special jewellery collections of Rebecca Gems . We have also have a small (but expanding) book collection in partnership with JBC books and we have an exclusive partnership with Stub Silver Judaica Store. Stub is almost a Jerusalem site in its own right and we are pleased that it is now on-line on IsraelInsideOut.


We also have an IsraelInsideOut Voucher Partner section where local businesses welcome IsraelInsideOut customers and offer special discounts. If you have a favorite business that you would like us to include please let us know and we will approach them. Both of the shops and voucher partner sections will expand over the next few weeks so check back from time to time.


Netanya Beach
Finally, this week’s recommendation. The rain won’t stay around for ever and as the summer fades we expect to spend a few more days on the beach. Our favorites this year include Hof HaBonim Beach (near Zichron Yaakov & Haifa) Palmachim Beach (near Tel Aviv & Rishon Le Zion) and Netanya Beach. Of course Tel Aviv is well known for its beaches (Tel Aviv Beaches) Enjoy!


As the Hebrew year comes to a close and a new one starts (Rosh HaShana is next Thursday & Friday 29-30 September) we wish all our readers and partners a very happy and sweet new year. In the words of the traditional blessings may this year and its misfortunes finish, and next year with all its blessings start  – may you and all of Israel be inscribed in the books of life, peace, happiness, blessings and good fortune.


Le’Hitraot from Jerusalem             

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