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Shalom and Welcome to this week’s In Israel Blog

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We are now officially in the “After the Chagim” (After the Festivals) season. For the past month or so almost every conversation seemed to include the “After the Chagim” line. It’s finally here – the broken weeks of holidays are behind us and now there are no more (or is it fewer?) excuses! Everything from work meetings, social get-togethers, to good intentions with exercise are now officially high priority. This also means that we are now looking forward to the winter.

Here at “after the chagim” means that we will be uploading lots of material that we have gathered over the past few weeks. We will keep you posted as we bring more information on line.

President Peres
was a busy time in Israel – there were loads of activities that took place all around the country. A real end of the summer celebration. As Succot finished the weather turned distinctly fall like – it was almost magical timing. One of the more unusual events that we visited was the President of Israel’s annual Open Succa. It was very popular – there were shows celebrating Israel’s science, aerospace and agricultural accomplishments. There was a full program of local entertainment and President Peres addressed his visitors. He spoke in very emotional terms of the return of Gilad Shalit. Enjoy the IsraelInsideOut Presidential Succa Video.

Gilad Shalit was of course the main news over Succot with millions glued to their televisions, radios and Internet following every step of his journey home. Since his return there have been daily updates on his activities – walks, visit to the beach and yesterday he met the President. It is very emotional and personal the way everybody is so involved. At we welcome Gilad home and wish him the strength to recuperate. We also wish strength to the families of victims who have a daily struggle with their own challenges.


Jerusalem Knights - Singer















For this week’s recommendations – there are some great exhibitions and events taking place in Israel. We recommend the Israel Glass 2011 exhibition which is due to close in mid November at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. One of the most innovative and exciting events in Jerusalem is due to return in November – the Jerusalem Knights. Four evenings of free street entertainment and history focusing on Jerusalem’s medieval past. There will be juggling, fire displays, musicians, jugglers and dancers in the alleys and passageways of the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Meanwhile enjoy the Jerusalem Knights 2010 Video and view our Jerusalem Knights 2010 Photo Gallery. Checkout our Events in Israel section.


Le’Hitraot from Jerusalem             

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