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The Butterfly Effect
Shavuot has been and gone, and as normal was celebrated with a nationwide cheese fest – it is not too late to check out some of our recommendations for fine cheese makers in Israel. Although the festival has finished cheese is very much in the news at the moment as we are in the midst of the Great Israeli Cottage Cheese Revolt (not to be confused with Bar Kochba’s Great Revolt!)


The overview of the cheese revolt is that consumers are angry at the apparently high prices of this favorite staple of the Israeli diet and declared a boycott for next month. Statistics of the relative price of cottage cheese in different countries and the cost of Israeli foods abroad have become daily conversation and the topic has of course reached the highest levels of government. In the mean time some enterprising supermarket chains have slashed the price resulting in a spike in consumption as we all get our last fix; which in return caused the boycott to be moved up effective immediately. As many people have said – a country is in really good shape when cottage cheese is the main news item.


The Jerusalem Light Festival is currently being staged all over the Old City of Jerusalem. There are four different routes (one in each quarter) with different illuminations on buildings and in the streets, together with art works created from light and street performers. It is a great production and the streets of Jerusalem are absolutely heaving. The highlight of the festival is without a doubt The Butterfly Effect – a stunning acrobatic opera staged on the Old City Walls – using the walls as a vertical stage. The story is a simple one about the conflict between the Empires of Light and Darkness and how light eventually triumphs to the greater good. The message is less important than the amazing use of acrobatics, dance, music and video arts to create an unbelievable experience.  If you can’t be there yourself then check out our photos and videos of the Jerusalem Light Festival.

Jerusalem Light Festival

A new video of Jerusalem – Thru Jerusalem has just been released by the artist Kuitman – and combines scenes of Jerusalem mashed with local musicians and artists. The video is available “>here.


A couple of weeks ago there was a live performance of Aida at the foot of Masada with the rock and the desert providing the backdrop to produce an unforgettable performance. Read our guest blog  – Aida at Masada.


Tel Aviv is planning its own night festival next week – the Tel Aviv White Night. The name is a play on the Hebrew for being awake all night (white night) and the fact that it celebrates one of Tel Aviv’s finest assets – the world famous Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv’s White City area. Unfortunately, this is a one night extravaganza but it promises to make up with an intense program.


Tel Aviv has recently launched its own cycle rental scheme. This is a welcome development and enhances Tel Aviv’s cycle accessibility. There are many routes through the parks and along the sea front – Cycling in Tel Aviv is easy and fun.


For this week’s recommendation we turn to the Galilee – although the Galilee is well known for its views, villages and hiking trails we are going to focus on some of the hidden gems in the Art Museums in the Galilee. There is great diversity from the famous Ein Harod museum to the collections at Tefen combing art with cutting edge industrial technology and practices – Art Galleries in the Galilee.


Finally last week Israel (together with many other regions) was treated to a spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse lasting almost 2 hours. The eclipse was very clear and it was easy to track the shadow growing on the moon’s face until it disappeared and then just after midnight it started to reappear.

Le’Hitraot from Jerusalem

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