Hutzot Hayotzer – Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair Review

Hutzot HaYotzer 2011
Hutzot Hayotzer – Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair Review 
– IsraelInsideOut is pleased to post this guest blog from one of our regular readers (CS).


This year’s Hutzot Hayotzer is amazingly well organized with lots of people and lots of things to do. We had a great time.


Hutzot Hayotzer is incredibly popular, so much so that there were really too many people early in the evening until the main show started. Once it started and everyone went into main show we had time and space to move around and visit the stalls and to move around.


We recommend the wonderful kids show in the kids zone. The Hutzot Hayotzer program means that everyday there is something new – the shows start at 2000. In the same area is a special cafe – a 19th Century Artists’ cafe with amazing food, and wonderful snippets of entertainment – music, gymnastics, juggling, miming – you have to be lucky or patient to get a seat and when you leave someone will be sure to grab it – I could have spent my whole evening here!


Hutzot HaYotzer 2011
Make sure that you catch the puppets from Argentina, the flower gold from Brazil, the drums from Ghana with the guys who love to entertain.


If you are in Jerusalem this summer we recommend that you visit Hutzot Hayotzer – if not plan to be in Jerusalem next August for the next Hutzot Hayotzer – Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair.


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Thanks to CS for this review – feel free to send us material either by email to IsraelInsideOut or by posting in our IsraelInsideOut Forum.

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