Getting Ready for Pesach (Passover)

So the days and weeks of preparation are almost at an end and in around an hour the Pesach (Passover) festival will start – the chametz (bread & other leavened products) disappeared hours ago & the tables are set for Seder night. 


Yesterday I spent some time in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market – it was a strange mix of those dashing round collecting all the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils with those who were buying their last sandwich. I must apologize to the very nice sales assistant – I just wanted a cup of coffee and a regular pastry – telling me with pride that everything was already kosher for Pesach wasn’t going to get my custom yesterday!


Last night the pizza stores and hamburger did about half their annual trade – anything went as long as it had dough in it and it could be eaten out of the house! The team work that these guys displayed was incredible – tossing a full pizza into a carton 3 along to the left whilst somebody was cutting the pizza in the second carton!

Today there were the traditional street containers for burning the left over chametz. I met a friendly tourist who was fascinated by this charming sight and took photos of the toasting breads. So welcome to all the visitors for Chag.

A certain calm has now descended on my part of Jerusalem although the local news reporst are full of the (expected) horrendous traffic jams on the main inter city routes.

Welcome to all the visitors and wishing locals and tourists alike – a safe journey and a very Happy Pesach – Chag Sameach from the team!

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